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Why Lumen Touch?

Lumen is the most cost effective and user friendly student information system on the market!
Brandon Hale,
Technology Director,
Thank you once again. I can’t say enough good about the support from Lumen on our forms and program. We so much appreciate all that you do. It is so wonderful to finally have an IEP program that everyone of our case managers like.
Terri Johnson,
IEP Compliance Secretary,
Minidoka County School District #331
TRAINING and SUPPORT are the best reasons to use Lumen’s Bright Student. Free, online, real-time internet training offers a variety of training topics or you can request a topic yourself. Through email you can easily submit requests and receive answers in a timely fashion. If you have a problem that needs immediate attention...just call. Bright Student has the BEST technicians who are always friendly and eager to help!
Carol Dunn,
New Madrid Co.,
R-1 School District
Our district recently changed to Lumen Touch which has been a smooth transition. Lumen has been very supportive and gets back to us immediately with answers to our questions. The training was on site or done through computers. Lumen Touch has also been responsive to any suggestions we have had. We find the forms are in compliance and when forms are changed by DESE the firms are updated quickly. The program is also user friendly. We would highly recommend Lumen Touch.
Dr. Cindy Dowis,
Director of Special Education,
Kirksville Missouri
I have been very pleased with my experience with Lumen Student Information System. The customer support is very good. I often have questions, and I can just make a quick phone call and get them immediately answered. The program is large, but easily navigated. It has improved many things for our district including:
  • Grading and scheduling accuracy and efficiency
  • Uploading core data information directly to the state site, as required by DESE
  • Managing our special education records in an electronic, well organized, easily tracked fashion
  • Communication with parents who absolutely love the parent portal feature
Before Lumen came into my work life, I spent many hours using an out of date system, which was frustrating and time consuming. Lumen has made me more effective in my job!
Angela Hill,
Software Technician,
Lonedell School District
Your program (food service system area) is much better than our previous system. I can work from either school, on all our schools. Parents can also check from home to see if their students need meal account money.
Jackie Velten,
Food Service Director,
Pierce City R-VI
BrightSPED is a very efficient program that is very logical to navigate through.
The Lumen Specialists are very knowledgeable and very prompt in addressing any problems.
Kerri Pettijohn,
IEP Coordinator,
Platte Valley Education Cooperative,
Dearborn, MO
Our cooperative has been using BrightSPED for several years now. We have been very pleased with the expeditious manner in which they update their data to reflect the most current changes by DESE. They have been very good to work with.
Dr. Robert Couldry,
Assistant Superintendent of Special Services,
Platte Valley Education Cooperative,
Dearborn, MO
Our District has been using Lumen Special Education software for more than ten years, and it has been more than satisfactory during that time. Compliance issues are monitored and addressed promptly, and the technical support is excellent.
Sharon Sollars,
Special Education Administrative Assistant,
St. Joseph MO
A few years ago, after seeing the Lumen IEP Software Program being used in the Minidoka #331 District, our district was so impressed with the program the we went the Lumen route. We have used Excent, Excent Tera and the state forms. We also looked at SEAS at the time we looked at Lumen. I also had other programmers look at the software/company and Lumen won hands down. Our staff have really enjoyed this program over all of the others and the company is so willing to make the changes or create additional forms we need for our district. As the state make changes, it doesn't take long and we have the forms/changes in our program. Lumen has awesome tech support and will help immediately when needed. We also use Lumen as our program backup host. I believe that Lumen is the best IEP management system available and we made an excellent choice in implementing Lumen as our IEP Management System.
Mary Lou Paulsen-Retired,
SPED Administrator,
Shelley, Idaho
Wow - Lumen Library! From the ability to look up books from home to the circulation desk features, this all-encompassing tool has been a real asset to our district. We have used an automated circulation system for years but could not afford the new product - along came Lumen with an integrated library system that works seamlessly with our current Lumen Student Management system. Lumen converted our current records in one day and had us up and running with our entire inventory intact. We also asked for specific searches and criteria in the system and Lumen added those features to ensure the data tracking and sorting we needed.
Kim Sheese,
Mercer Co,
Bright Resource is a great piece of work. Being web based is really a lifesaver and the software contains almost every report or data collection method you can think. Lumen Touch is always adding new features along the way.
Kevin Mulka,
IT Director,
Alpena, Michigan
We have had Lumen for two years. It does everything and more. I used the video help tutorial for the first time. It was great. Just like having the instructor there with you, the only difference is you can click replay! I can't say enough good about the Lumen company and their staff. I wish DESE would do the same.
Connie Stanford,
Everton R-III School
I would like to say that Lumen has been a lifesaver for the Fair Grove District. We switched to Lumen from another vendor at the end of the first semester several years ago due to issues with that vendor. I believe Lumen is the best student information system available. They do not accept status quo; they listen to school district needs and desires and are always looking for ways to provide enhancements they believe will benefit school districts. When you need help immediately, there is always a voice on the other end to assist you. Once, when I had an urgent need, I watched three programmers log into our system to solve the issue; all I can say is WOW. That personal, and professional touch, won me over as a lifetime user of Lumen. I guess you could say I am one of their biggest cheerleaders. Thanks Lumen for an awesome system and service.
Julie Swadley,
Instructional Technology Specialist,
Fair Grove R-X School District
Lumen is very responsive to our district's requests. They are willing to make adjustments to forms in order to fit the individual needs of our district. The customer service and tech support are easily accessible and make necessary adjustments in an extremely timely manner.
Samantha Vandenhoek,
Branson Process Coordinator,
Branson School District
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