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The ALL-IN-ONE School System

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Administrators
  • Parents
  • Mentors
  • Counselors
  • Library
  • Medical Office
  • Case Managers
  • Food Service
  • Transportation
  • Personalized Learning
  • Project Based Learning
  • Superintendents
  • Special Education
  • Human Resources
  • Curriculum
  • Information Technology
  • Finance Officer

Bright Solutions - Bright Schools

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"Bright Path" - Learning Programs
Professional Learning Management System

Bright PathTM connects all educators to dynamic learning opportunities with highly effective learning programs that help streamline professional development for all members of your team. Bright Path offers customizable courses and units of study to fit the learning needs of leaders, teachers, support staff, and community. Professional development has never been so easy to differentiate! Save time and energy by letting Bright Path do the monitoring of learning and sharing of the content.

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"Bright Learning" - Curriculum
Comprehensive Curriculum and Learning Management System

Bright LearningTM is a comprehensive, integrated District Curriculum and Learning Management System, which allows your district to ‘map’ objectives/skills to student learning activities, assess student mastery on a continual basis. Bright Learning is an all-in-one solution, which manages curriculum, instruction, assessment and grading. Our system allows teachers to create and share learning activities with other instructors and districts from across the country.

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"Bright Student" - Data Management
Comprehensive Student Information System and District Management

Bright StudentTM is a comprehensive student achievement and FULL student information system. Schools are enabled to focus on delivering the best learning opportunities, due to less time and resources dedicated to data management and reporting. Bright Student allows schools to utilize all their resources efficiently and save money while meeting the increasing need for administrative tracking, performance analysis and detailed local and state reporting requirements.

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"Bright Resource" - Library
Comprehensive Library and Inventory Management System

Bright ResourceTM offers an integrated, browser based solution that is easy to use and very affordable. Our library system is accessible from your PC, iPad or tablet (Android, Windows) from anywhere at any time! Your district will also have access to the Lumen eBook collection which features over 2,500 titles! Other features include: comprehensive inventory system, fee and fine management system, automated reporting and an eBook interface.

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"Bright Care" - Health
Integrated Student Medical Health Management System

Bright CareTM is a comprehensive student medical record management system providing immediate and historical information. Some system features include: Medication Inventory, Daily Medications Schedule, Student Medication Chart (dosage and expiration dates), Customizable School Screenings which include mass screenings, BMI and Physicals that can be linked to Extra Curricular Activity Groups.

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"Bright Success" - Career Goals
Integrated Career Goal and Mentorship System

Bright SuccessTM is a state-of-the-art, web based software solution that allows students, counselors, administrators and mentors to collaborate on an integrated platform to guide students towards career and or college success. This powerful solution manages the interactions, goals, projects, communications and accomplishments of students as they are safely and systematically guided by their mentor(s) toward long-term achievement.

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"Bright Insight" - Dashboard
Integrated Data Dashboard and Reporting System

Bright InsightTM is a state-of-the-art data analysis and dashboard software solution specifically designed for school districts. This all-in-one system provides your district with the ability to easily plug-in and organize data hassle free. Users have the ability to load large amounts of data into Bright Insight and trust that it will be accurately analyzed and ready for review, on demand.

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"Bright Sped" - Special Education
Integrated Special Education Compliance and Management System

Bright SPEDTM provides you with a comprehensive, time-saving, web-based tool for special education programs. It is designed to address the complexities and changing dynamics of special education reporting. Bright SPED provides functionality through a data driven infrastructure which does not rely on forms processing. This significant difference is one of the aspects that allows Bright SPED to meet Federal and State Compliance modifications in a timely way.

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